College and Career Readiness

A Path to Cleantech Careers

Cleantech San Diego is participating in the San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium, a program in partnership with Junior Achievement, United Way, and San Diego Workforce Partnership to increase opportunities for students to prepare for college and a career. As a partner of the Consortium, Cleantech San Diego helps generate learning opportunities within San Diego’s regional cleantech sector for students in grades 8-14. Cleantech San Diego is seeking help from the business, civic, and nonprofit communities, on behalf of the school districts in San Diego County, to provide students with real-world experiences through work-based learning experiences. 


  • Equip future workforce with 21st Century skills
  • Develop a more robust talent pipeline
  • Access a diverse and innovative workforce
  • Branding opportunities, increased name recognition, and positive press
  • Economic development that boosts business prospects

Work-Based Learning Opportunities:

Work-based learning is defined as a learning experience where students have a direct interaction with employers and workforce professionals providing students the opportunity to become more aware of careers, explore those careers of interest, and prepare for those careers.

Guest Speaker: 15-60 minute commitment
Present at a school site and direct questions from students about college and career opportunities and expectations.


Job Shadow: 4-5 hour commitment
Students and teachers shadow industry staff at their place of business.


Reverse Job Shadow: 3-6 hour commitment (in one or multiple sessions)
Groups of professionals bring their work to school campuses.

Company Tour:  1-4 hour commitment
Students walk through industry facilities touring the daily processes of the business. Students may also participate in an employer panel to debrief from the tour.


Internship: 30 hour commitment
Give well-prepared students an opportunity to experience the world of work as an employee. Interns learn new skills while they earn wages and/or academic credit.