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Assure Controls

Sector: Energy & Technology

Member Since: 2008


Assure Controls is a product development and marketing company with specialized measurement and reporting expertise for commercial and maritime environmental applications. Their patented technologies provide fast and accurate toxicity assessments of freshwater, seawater, and environmental rapid effects analysis.


Assure Controls focuses on adding value or innovation to help their customers meet demanding measurement and reporting challenges. Their experience allows them to advance adoption of sustainable business practices, specifically in measurement or reporting technologies, for higher accuracy, lower cost, better management decision-making, or timeliness. The company contributes to unique solutions for the benefit of their clients, government agencies, and partners. Assure Controls’ objective is to make complex processes more predictable and reliable through constant innovation and service.

Assure Controls is an original founding member of Cleantech San Diego, providing a water-centric voice to the dialogue of sustainable business practices for the benefit of the economy and the environment. As an example, the company is the industry partner at the Technology Career Institute (TCI), of MiraCosta College, in their new Carlsbad facility. Assure Controls is the in-house example of innovative methods, and provides exposure of clean technologies and industry relationships. They serve as a commercial connection, a representative cleantech company; having an open door policy for interns, guests, and elected officials to observe thier unique technology and its value to environmental practices.


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