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Founded in 1946, CH2M brings world-class solutions to meet the most complex infrastructure challenges of their clients in public and private sectors. CH2M taps into integrated capabilities of 22,000 teammates in more than 50 countries – in energy, urban environments, transportation, water, environment, and industry. CH2M combines local delivery teams deeply rooted in the community with global subject matter experts and best practices in the city space to flexibly address evolving project demands. To address the most pressing urban challenges of our time and to create sustainable, implementable solutions, CH2M has developed an initiative called the Great City Solutions. These solutions are built on three foundational needs for citywide transformation: economic development, smart city technologies, and resilience. Through partnering with leading players in the city space – in information and communication technologies, urban planning and design, and city sector innovation and development – CH2M provides the expertise needed to quickly and cost-effectively deliver Great City Solutions.


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