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SenseOps is a San Diego company seeking to lead the digital transformation of machines, assets, processes, and facilities leveraging the Internet of Things on the distributed web. SenseOps delivers solutions to drive sustainable efficiencies in cleantech, smart-grid, bluetech, renewable energy, and industrial sectors. Their solution utilizes readily available (COTS) sensors that are easily deployed to integrate real-time data feeds to SenseOps software services running on intelligent gateway device(s) deployed at or near assets. These services acquire and securely store the data locally, perform analytics, and present relevant information to users on their own devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) in the field without the need for internet or cloud services. This same data is easily integrated (in real time) with centralized and/or cloud based systems for a broader enterprise view and application. SenseOps solutions deliver value quickly. Their recent partnership with a marine asset owner resulted in the identification of nearly $100,000 of fuel savings after only being deployed for two weeks. In another recent effort, SenseOps enabled a machine manufacturer to convert his revenue model from a capital asset purchase to a “milling-as-a-service” model resulting in revenue gain of more than 80 percent. SensOps was also one of the first companies accepted into the San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network.


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