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Chula Vista Library Walls get a Sustainability-Inspired Makeover via Student-Artist Collaboration

  |   Energy Efficiency, K-12 Sustainability

On May 16, Local comic book artist Ceri Langell led 93 fifth graders from Hilltop Drive Elementary School in brainstorming sessions focused on energy efficiency.


Langell sketched and doodled while students generated ideas that she will later develop into life-sized comic book images to adorn the stairway and halls leading to the Innovation Station in the City of Chula Vista’s Civic Center Library.


Based on the students’ ideas, the artist will depict “Masters of Disaster” characters in “what not to do” scenes. These same characters will transform into “Masters of Sustainability” who engage in energy-efficient practices once they see how simple it is.


An unveiling event will be held this summer to reveal the completed artwork, which is part of a larger set of energy-efficiency related displays that will be installed in the Library’s downstairs corridor. 


The full installation will include the artist’s comic-style panels as well as a full hallway of interactive displays that students will engage with to answer questions in an accompanying activity book—all related to energy efficiency. The displays will catch the attention of attendees (and parents of attendees) of the Innovation Station, which inspires Chula Vista 6th graders to think about jobs in STEM.


This collaboration is one part of a greater project funded by SDG&E through a Local Government Partnership grant. The full project involves installing interactive displays accompanied by an activity guide that will encourage students to explore the displays and think critically about energy-efficiency topics.



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