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City of San Diego Smart City Project Awarded Funding

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Earlier this year, the City of San Diego responded to the California Energy Commission’s Energy Innovation Challenge, a competitive solicitation to fund projects that stimulate innovation in building energy efficiency and developing or implementing climate action plans.


Out of 38 submissions, the City of San Diego’s submission of an advanced Smart City Open Urban Platform (SCOUP) network was selected as one of four winners that received funding for its project.


The SCOUP will automatically track, benchmark, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use associated with its municipal facilities. This web-based platform provides a publicly available resource for City residents and other local governments to track the City’s aggressive Climate Action Plan (CAP) progress and learn more about the City’s sustainability-related efforts.


This platform will help the City meet its CAP target to reduce municipal building consumption by 15 percent by 2020 and by an additional 25 percent by 2035, as well as its CAP action to create a Municipal Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan. By applying global control strategies and advanced analytics, the platform will reduce energy load overall for the City and help the City to reach its other CAP goal to achieve 100 percent renewable energy city-wide by 2035.


The City’s winning proposal represents a progressive, yet pragmatic solution plaguing municipalities across California. Due to the reactive nature of replacing failing energy efficiency technologies as useful life expectancy terms conclude; municipalities are often left with a patchwork of technologies with varying operational, maintenance and communication protocols and standards. The City’s SCOUP network is the solution to this pervasive Local Government Challenge.


After its successful implementation, the City will then partner with the Local Government Commission (LGC) to conduct public outreach and education to share lessons learned and broadcast results from the project with other local governments, elected officials, residents, and stakeholders from around the state.


The City intends to reinforce its position as a worldwide leader in smart cities innovation through the development and testing of an open, flexible, scalable, and secure technology platform designed to consolidate and manage all municipal infrastructure, energy, and services for indoor Smart Energy Management and controls as it has for its award winning Smart City outdoor control program. This grant will fund this critical first step towards the City’s Strategic Plan goals to create a comprehensive Smart City interactive data model to engage citizens and improve municipal service delivery and quality of life. The City intends to build a scalable and open protocol SCOUP network so that additional service categories may be built within this platform in the future using best-in-class technologies from various industry partners. Future efforts are to build out and connect the Smart Transit, Smart Utilities, and Smart Public Services applications.


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