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CleanTECH San Diego Executive Chairman Jim Waring Selected to Lead New Port Committee on Energy Supply

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Bob Nelson, one of three representatives of San Diego on the Board of Port Commissioners, was sworn in January 14, 2014, as Chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners for 2014. At the ceremony, Nelson underscored his commitment to facilitating efforts to seek affordable, non-polluting energy sources for Port operations and for Port tenants in order “to reduce greenhouse gases that impact adjacent communities and contribute to climate change.”

In his first act as Chairman, Nelson said he would create a Board of Port Commissioners Ad Hoc Committee on Energy Supply. “The purpose of this committee is to advise the full Board on issues related to energy sustainability, clean energy and reduction of GHG emissions,” he said.


Nelson has invited CleanTECH San Diego Executive Chairman Jim Waring to take the helm of the new energy committee, a blue ribbon roundtable of industry, scientific, and academic leaders to share their knowledge and experience with the Port.

“We are honored that Chairman Nelson has turned to CleanTECH San Diego for support on his signature initiative. The Port of San Diego and the port tenants are doing outstanding work to increase energy efficiency and lower the Port’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Waring. “It will be exciting to learn from Port staff about what is currently under way, and then work with staff and the Port Tenant’s Association to see how our entire community can act collaboratively to do even more.”

The first meeting with Port staff is already scheduled. Waring says their shared goal is to support Commissioner Nelson, the Port, and its tenants in showing international leadership in energy efficient and sustainable operations.

The Port of San Diego is represented on the board of CleanTECH San Diego.

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