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CleanTECH San Diego’s Top 10 Milestones of 2013

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You made this a year to remember: 

  1. White House lauds CleanTECH San Diego’s vision for its Sustainable San Diego downtown pilot project
  2. Wired Magazine showcases CleanTECH San Diego’s streetlight working group and its smart city infrastructure pilot
  3. San Diego ranks #7 nationally in cleantech leadershipClean Edge 2013 Index 
  4. Forbes ranks San Diego among nation’s top 10 cities with greenest cars 
  5. Navy announces commitment to regularly purchase biofuels to power its fleet
  6. US Environmental Protection Agency awards SDG&E its second consecutive Climate Leadership Award
  7. California Workforce Investment Board awards CleanTECH San Diego $250K grant to advance biorenewables workforce
  8. UC San Diego recognized internationally as premier university by Times Higher Education; also earned over $1B in R&D funding
  9. CleanTECH San Diego accompanies California Governor Jerry Brown in his first China Trade Mission
  10. Cleantech among top 10 industries most likely to grow San Diego’s economy
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