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CleanTECH Startups Pitch their Business Plans

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On May 14, CleanTECH San Diego’s Capital and Resources Committee held  its quarterly SCRUB event featuring presentations from five exciting early-stage clean tech companies. Leaders of these emerging start-ups sought business guidance and opportunities for networking within the San Diego cleantech industry. Their businesses plans addressed energy solutions ranging from water to solar.

This quarter’s SCRUB presenters included:

  • Cherokee Energy Management, which came to San Diego, CA from Virginia Beach, VA, where they were founded in 2006. They are a small, expertly staffed, niche-oriented, Native American woman-owned company providing Energy Management services to federal agencies and large commercial/industrial customers.

  • QuickSolar, which empowers solar professionals and homeowners to discover the costs and benefits from going solar, quicker and more accurately. Customers drag and drop solar panels onto a satellite image of their home while QuickSolar simultaneously performs calculations to display the system’s anticipated solar energy production, cost savings, tax credits, net cost, break-even time, and environmental impact, among other key metrics.

  • Transense, which focuses on providing a cost-effective field deployable technology for real-time Condition-Base Monitoring of utility transformers. Products built using the technology will be capable of being deployed as an after-market retrofit solution, or be embedded into new transformers during their manufacturing process.

  • VENA, which is a low-cost, low-energy solution for the developing world’s critical need for drinking water. A bio-mimetic design modeled after the cactus, VENA extracts water from air by transferring cool, below-ground temperatures to an elevated network of copper alloy filaments, around which latent air-borne water condenses and is collected. Student-led VENA is also a recent winner of San Diego State University’s annual Zahn Challenge.
  • PeakNRG, which aims to develop a scalable Energy Storage System product set, referred to as KeystoneEnery, to include a service plan, leasing business model for Electric Utilities enabling management and distribution to consumers. Near target applications include military and government contracts, reliable shore power for yachts using battery storage and possibly PV, corporate jet power carts, second and third world countries (utility in a box), and residential PV leasing companies.

The CleanTECH San Diego SCRUB is a quarterly program hosted by the CleanTECH San Diego Capital and Resources Committee to support local early-stage cleantech companies. SCRUB participants present their business plan and in return receive business guidance and key connections, including advice on access to capital, strategic partnerships, and professional services. CleanTECH San Diego members gain direct and regular exposure to the region’s new emerging technologies and an opportunity to ensure these companies are best positioned to succeed.

For more information about CleanTECH San Diego’s Capital and Resources Committee and its SCRUB program, contact joshh@cleantechsandiego.org.

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