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Conectric and Avimesa Combine Solutions to Deliver Simplified Industrial IoT Value

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Cleantech San Diego member and Southern California Energy Innovation Network company Conectric has entered into a strategic agreement with local Industrial IoT start-up Avimesa. Avimesa was founded to provide the industrial market with solutions used for intelligent equipment monitoring and failure prediction. Their core product, Avimesa Device Cloud, includes features like messaging, alerting, data filtering, and over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, but eliminates the need to build the underlying software infrastructure traditionally required to develop custom IoT solutions.


“Our goal with Avimesa was to take the complex pieces of building an IoT solution and making it dead simple to get sensor data to the cloud,” says Paul Peterson, VP Marketing for Avimesa. “We’ve done the hard work so developers can focus on the application.”


Avimesa’s initial focus has been in the industrial space where early partnerships have shown tremendous results in reducing downtime and maintenance in prominent electronics manufacturers. With this partnership Avimesa will expand their offer to work with Conectric networks wireless sensor packs reading temperature, humidity, occupancy and state data. They have simplified the purchasing process by offering bundles directly on the Avimesa e-commerce store at https://shop.avimesa.com/. As a part of the bundle Avimesa will provision their edge application on the standard Conectric Edge G3 WiFi or cellular gateways.


“We met Avimesa at the Sensors Expo and immediately saw a strategic fit,” said Conectric Networks  CEO Phillip Kopp. “Both of our products are positioned for web developers to create rich IoT applications, without having to learn the complexities of hardware and the challenges with deployment. The vision of an “Amazon” like one-click device shopping and provisioning solution meets the extreme test of ease and scalability our clients demand.” 


Conectric has enhanced the ease and use of installing wireless sensors and networks in the field, while Avimesa has simplified the provisioning, security, and cloud access functions to analyze the large amounts of data produced by our IoT sensors. The two imagine a world in which everyone has access to real-time sensor analytics and myriads of software packages as simple as the click of a button.


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