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Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Industry in San Diego: Bright ideas power our clean energy economy.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Environment ranks California the #2 most energy efficient state in the country. Cleantech San Diego works to advance and extend our region’s leadership in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology development and installation.

Over the last three years, customers in the SDG&E territory have reduced their electricity use by more than 911 million kilowatt hours and their gas usage by more than 1.8 million therms. That’s enough electricity to power more than 150,000 homes for one year or taking more than 135,000 cars off the road for a year.

In collaboration with the utility and the City of San Diego, Cleantech San Diego helps drive energy efficiency programs such as San Diego’s regional intelligent street lighting project. By the end of 2015, this cutting-edge initiative will have transformed 75,000 street lights across the greater San Diego region, generating $4 million in annual taxpayer savings and eliminating the equifalent of 12,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.