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Go-IoT joins Conectric Networks as Strategic Affiliate to Develop IoT Driven Building Automation Solutions

  |   Cleantech San Diego Members

Cleantech San Diego member and Southern California Energy Innovation Network company Conectric Networks recently announced their newest Strategic Affiliate and approved software, analytics, and cloud services partner Go-IoT. Go-IoT is a European leader in hardware and software solutions in building automation and energy management systems based in Iceland, with offices in Sweden and the U.K. Go-IoT will be releasing its Conectric Plug-in for their DINGO Stack open building system server software and gateway in London, U.K. at the Smart IoT London conference March 12-13. This allows Conectric dynamic mesh wireless devices and sensors to be automatically configured as BACnet native objects, feeding real time data into existing BACnet automation servers. BACnet is the most common protocol used by automation systems integrators and is installed in over 60% of the world’s buildings.


BACnet/Mesh is already being heralded as the killer building automation app in social media forums before its release. User experience reduced time, cost, and complexity of installing and operating completely wireless building automation systems dramatically improves ROI over existing solutions.


This Strategic Affiliation expands on the MetroConnect 2018 export assistance award received by Conectric from the World Trade Center San Diego (WTC) and J.P. Morgan Chase to expand its international reach. Earlier this year Conectric also signed a pan-European distribution agreement with Vienna based IoT service provider MoreData GMBH.


“There is a division between the traditional facilities management and building automation sectors and the new class of IT driven controls and IoT data products,” said Conectric CEO Phillip Kopp. “This product is very synergistic and allows an easy and seamless integration that is virtually invisible to the customer. We now have the ability to almost instantly bring in hundreds and thousands of new data points into the world’s existing BACnet operated buildings without retraining an industry. This has opened the doors for Conectric to add instant value and new revenue sources for Building Automation Contractors and Programmers.”


“We have positioned Go-IoT to enable the digital backbone in buildings, said Go-IoT CEO Nicolas Waern. “The future impact of building control, grid control, machine learning, and optimization must come from open systems for analytics and innovation. Energy improvement, predictive maintenance, digital twins, as well as an increase in productivity and well-being rely on access to building data. This solution brings instant value because it allows building managers to bring in a lot more data that can be processed locally in a familiar environment, and then decide if it will be processed at the edge, in the cloud, or both. This allows professionals to go from an Internet of Things approach, to an “Internet of Buildings” approach, where the cloud and access to the Internet is an augmenting factor. Amazing insights are happening about how to improve the buildings, make them more profitable, consume less energy, and also improve tenant well-being and productivity. We see this as the fastest, simplest, and most easily scalable solution to get a lot of real time data from buildings and we are very excited to see where it takes us, and most importantly, where it will take our customers.”


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