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K-12 Schools Sustainability Strategy Collaborative Update

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Over the last month Vista Unified School District, Bonsall Unified School District, and High Tech High Charter School had their Proposition 39 Energy Expenditure Plans approved by the California Energy Commission for a combined total of $5.86 million. Vista Unified School District’s 5-year Plan for $4.77 million of multiple energy efficiency measures at 27 school sites is the third highest value EEP to be approved and includes projects at the highest number of school sites. Targeted retrofits include HVAC, programmable thermostats, PC power management, exterior lighting controls, and LED exterior lighting.

The California Department of Education has announced that the online applications for the 2014-15 Prop 39 Funds Application Process are available as of August . Applications are due no later than September 2, with expected notifications by November 30. The 2014-15 budget of $279 million available for K-12 Schools is 27% lower than the $381 million in FY 2013-14. It is not clear how much this will reduce funding allocations to school districts across the state because the vast majority of Tier 1 and Tier 2 local educational agencies (LEAs) who elected to receive their first two years allocation in 2013-14 will not be receiving any allocation for the current fiscal year.

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