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Mayor Gloria Announces Visionary  ‘Our Climate, Our Future’ Initiative 

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Mayor looks to position San Diego as a global leader on inclusive and innovative climate action


Building on his commitment to have San Diego take bold, equitable steps on climateaction, Mayor Todd Gloria alongside City Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera and community leaders have launched “Our Climate, Our Future” – a new visionary city initiative that seeks to address the climate crisis while improving public health and quality of life as well as drivinginnovation and opportunity in ourregionaleconomy. 


“Our vision is for San Diego to be a global leader on inclusive climate action and Our Climate, Our Future is an invitation to join in building that vision,” Mayor Gloria said. “Our ambitious goals for San Diego’s future will only be realized through deliberate engagement and investment from the private sector and all levels of government, and steadfast implementation and accountability. Collectively, we can choose a better future by facing the threats that already impact San Diegans every day.” 


Our Climate, Our Futureis a multi-faceted approach. The first phase of this initiative includes major updates to the City’s Climate Action Plan, the City’s first climate adaptation plan – Climate Resilient SD, implementing an innovative Municipal Energy Strategy for City operations, a new approach to land use planning called Blueprint SD, and a commitment to advancing equity through tools like theClimate EquityIndex and Climate Equity Fund. 


“Too often, we think of the burdens associated with climate action, but there is so much for us to gain – cleaner air and water, dignified and well-paying careers, less traffic, more green space and trees, and all of this while healing the wounds of racial injustice,” said Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera, representative for District 9. “The Mayor’s draft Climate Action Plan and Climate Resilient SD put San Diego on a path to achieve this vision. I look forward to working with all stakeholders to achieve our collective climate goals and bring forth a clean, healthy, and sustainable San Diego for all.” 


“Cleantech San Diego commends the leadership of Mayor Gloria and his unwavering dedication to planning for and protecting San Diego’s climate future,” said Jason Anderson, President and CEO of Cleantech San Diego. “His commitment to climate action – always with a sharp focus on theimportance of equity – reaps tangible benefits for our cleantech economy, our environment, and all members of our community.”  


To learn how the components of Our Climate, Our Future work together to everyone’s benefit, visitsandiego.gov/climatefuture. This website provides a central hub of information about the City’s climate initiatives and opportunities for San Diegans to provide feedback and get involved in the future of our climate. 


“Air pollution like diesel particulate matter contributes to the climate crisis and damages our lungs, but it has been historically left out of climate change policies,” said Kyle Heiskala, Climate Justice Policy Advocate at Environmental Health Coalition. “It is the top concern for community members from Logan and Sherman Heights, who breathe in some of the highest concentration of diesel pollution in the state. The City of San Diego is taking steps in the right direction by addressing these concerns and including air quality in the updated Climate Action Plan.” 


The Our Climate, Our Future initiative represents a shift from limited prior climate action efforts toward a scaled-up, whole-of-government approach. To successfully tackle the climate crisis, all City departments and community stakeholders must collaborate toward a clear, shared vision. These coordinated planning efforts will help the City make informed budgeting decisions and seek outside funding assistance for climate initiatives. 


“Mayor Gloria is taking a different approach to climate action by partnering with labor and other stakeholders to develop policies that ensure no worker is left behind,” said Brigette Browning, Executive Secretary-Treasurer at the San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council. “With thoughtful planning and extensive coordination, these efforts can be a win-win for labor and the environment, presenting new opportunities to strengthen our skilled workforce and driving the just transition to a clean energy economy for all.” 


“As a business owner who cares about climate and the sustainability of business growth in San Diego, I am excited to be part of the Equity Stakeholder Working Group to help craft a progressive and business-focused approach to effectively chip away at existing problems and create better solutions for our environment and economy,” said Dr. Cindy J. Lin, Business For Good San Diego’s Environmental Health Co-Lead. “When the City of San Diego’s leadership prioritizes equity and community at the heart of its big urban issues and policy, we’re delighted and can’t help but support the City’s efforts.” 


What others are saying: 


“The climate crisis is already having severe consequences for San Diegans, and it’s up to all of us to take action that is commensurate with the climate science,” said U.S. Congressman Mike Levin. “I’m proud to see Mayor Gloria paving the way for aggressive action on the climate crisis and look forward to seeing the ‘Our Climate, Our Future’ plan position San Diego as a leader on climate change. Together, we can do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our communities from pollution, and create good-paying green jobs right here in San Diego.” 


“San Diego has a unique and exciting opportunity to set a nationwide example with innovative climate change policies,” said U.S. Congressman Scott Peters. “I’m confident in Mayor Gloria’s vision to ensure all San Diegans enjoy a clean future and applaud his decisive leadership.” 


“IBEW 569 stands with the city to tackle climate change, reduce GHGs, and create good green energy Union jobs asdesired by community members,” said Cristina Marquez, Environmental Organizer at IBEW Local 569. “Done right – especially with renewable energy generated from local solar, wind, and geothermal sources –building, manufacturing, and maintaining energy systems are long-term green jobs. The City of San Diego Climate Action Plan will spur job creation and prioritize good green energy jobs, local renewable energy, and just transition workforce studies.” 


“By May of 2022, San Diegans will be enrolled in San Diego Community Power. We’ll purchase renewable power, like solar and wind, and provide it to residents at competitive rates. There is no need to do anything to take advantage of this service and it will be available to all residents, whether you rent or own,” said San Diego Community Power Board Chairand Encinitas Councilmember Joe Mosca. “The decision to use clean, renewable energy is one of the most important actions we can take to reduce our impact on the environment, improve public health, lower healthcare and disaster remediation costs, and ensure the viability of our world for generations to come, including communities most impacted by the climate crisis. We thank the City of San Diego for your support in providing our region with 100% renewable power by 2035.” 


“Inclusive climate action through Our Climate Our Future will benefit all San Diegans through investments in our quality of life and new economic opportunities in the clean energy economy accessible to all our communities,” said Bruce Mayberry, Chairman of the San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce. 


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