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Nuvve Fuels Innovation in Vehicle-to-Grid Technology. Bridges Gap Between Renewables and EV Charging.

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Cleantech San Diego member and San Diego Regional Energy Innovation Network company Nuvve Corporation, a San Diego-based, green energy technology company, has announced a number of strategic partnerships, pilot programs, and company milestones to further advance vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology in support of bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the masses globally, while significantly reducing the number of greenhouse gases being emitted by transportation and energy production.


Nuvve’s technology helps bridge the gap between transportation and energy by providing storage for renewable energy, services to the grid operators, and optimization of EV charging on the grid. As Nuvve continues to lead the market in demonstrating the viability of V2G technology, the company recently announced the following partnerships and pilot programs:


  • Strategic partnership with EDF: Nuvve recently entered into a strategic partnership in Europe with EDF Group, a key player in low carbon energy, in support of the company’s Electric Mobility Plan. As part of these efforts, Nuvve and EDF Group will develop a joint venture to further develop EV and V2G solutions for the European market and support the generation of CO2-free power and the advancement of new electricity applications.


  • Smart charging pilot program with EDF Energy (EDFE): Serving as a first-step program of the EDF strategic partnership, Nuvve will be installing up to 1,500 of its V2G chargers configured with Nuvve’s Grid Integrated Platform (GIVe™) throughout the UK over the next several months. These chargers will support EDFE’s business customers and be used at its own work sites to provide additional energy storage capacity. The stored electricity will be made available for sale on the energy markets or for supporting grid flexibility at times of peak energy use.


  • Expansion of the University of California San Diego’s Triton Rides service: Building upon its collaboration with UC San Diego for its INVENT V2G demonstration project, the university recently added an EV fleet (five cars total) to its Triton Rides program, which provides free nighttime shuttle service to all UC San Diego students, staff and faculty. These new EVs, provided by Nuvve, will take advantage of the company’s V2G bidirectional charging stations around UC San Diego’s campus and will provide grid services, helping to inform the INVENT project’s use case of campus fleet vehicles to optimize unused and renewable energy.  



  • V2G charging/discharging demonstrations in Japan: In collaboration with Aichi Prefecture, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Chubu Electric Power Company, Nuvve will supply its V2G platform to initiate charging and discharging demonstrations with EV batteries and plug-in hybrid vehicles in order to survey the impact and potential for V2G systems on the power grid in Tokyo City, Japan.


“Awareness for V2G technology and the impact it can have for businesses, the electricity grid, and the environment is gaining momentum,” said Gregory Poilasne, co-founder and CEO, Nuvve. “As proven by our recent partnerships and pilot programs, Nuvve is committed to fueling innovation in V2G technology to bridge the needs of electric power and electric transportation, support EV penetration targets, enable integration of renewable energy sources, and, most importantly, create a greener, cleaner planet.”


“V2G technology is the aim for power companies in order to balance demand on the grid,” said Kevin Mak, principal analyst, Strategy Analytics. “To our knowledge, there is no other V2G technology provider that is as experienced as Nuvve or that can enable and time bidirectional energy flows between EVs and the grid, span both the automotive and power sectors, and realize new energy demand for multiple industry sectors.”


Nuvve has also been recognized recently for its advancements in the V2G space by both Red Herring and Energy Storage North America (ESNA). In October, Nuvve was named to the Red Herring’s Top 100 Global, which recognizes promising private companies from North America, Europe, and Asia for innovations and technologies across their respective industries. Most recently, Nuvve was awarded an ESNA 2018 Innovation Award for leadership and technology breakthroughs in energy storage and a positive impact on the energy storage industry. For more information about Nuvve, please visit www.nuvve.com.


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