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Clearway Energy, Inc. is a leading energy infrastructure investor focused on modern, sustainable, and long-term contracted assets across North America. Clearway Energy, Inc.’s environmentally-sound asset portfolio includes over 7,000 megawatts of wind, solar and natural gas-fired power generation facilities, as well as district energy systems, Clearway Thermal.


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Clearway Energy Group is accelerating the world’s transformation to a clean energy future. With more than 4.1 gigawatts of solar and wind energy assets in 25 states and a development pipeline across the country, Clearway is offsetting the equivalent of nearly 9 million tons of carbon emissions for its customers. 


Clearway Thermal’s district energy system, Energy Center San Diego, has been providing downtown customers with chilled water cooling for almost 50 years. As a long-time service provider, Clearway has seen downtown San Diego grow and change year after year, and is proud to be a continuing part of that growth.


Clearway Thermal technology is perfectly suited for the downtown area. Its centrally located plant efficiently produces chilled water, which is delivered through our established pipeline distribution network. This allows new customers to easily connect to the service and take advantage of the system’s economies of scale.


Clearway Thermal’s distribution system is key to driving down energy costs for customers. By eliminating the need for on-site cooling equipment, customers reduce upfront costs, operational costs, and on-going maintenance. Clearway’s exceptional record of over 99% reliability is ideal for customers who are looking to minimize outages. It also allows business owners to take advantage of limited and costly space, giving them greater architectural flexibility. Energy Center San Diego’s district cooling offers these advantages while reduces carbon footprints through the inherent efficiency of district energy.


Today, Clearway serves many major customers in San Diego, including the new State’s Courts Tower, The San Diego County Hall of Justice, and the Central Jail. It also serves the City of San Diego’s Civic Plaza, Horton Plaza, three major hotels, and a wide variety of office buildings-providing air conditioning to approximately 3.2 million square feet of space in the downtown area.


As one of the nation’s premier district energy companies, Clearway Thermal’s portfolio extends well beyond San Diego. Its district energy systems are providing reliable, resilient, cost-effective heating and cooling services nationwide to major institutional and commercial customers in San Francisco, Phoenix, Tucson, Omaha, Minneapolis, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh.


To find out more about Energy Center San Diego, contact Jay Zaghloul at (602) 524-4051 or jay.zaghloul@clearwayenergy.com.


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