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Conectric LLC is a San Diego-based company improving occupancy comfort and energy use in hotels by intelligently bringing together devices and humans to work as one by combining smart Internet of Things (IoT) networks and building science. Conectric’s unique ultra-low powered, IP network allows disparate building controls, sensors, and systems to interact seamlessly, building the fabric which forms their web based apps and energy and demand control platforms. Tying in occupants’ mobile devices and zone occupancy sensors, Conectric’s platform utilizes real-time occupancy and occupant feedback loops to develop large amounts of efficiency and demand reductions. The Conectric solution better matches building mechanical and lighting system loads with its occupancy patterns using patented or patent pending algorithms.


Conectric’s mission is to aggregate the world’s largest network of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) based on hotel buildings, up to 14GWh of daily demand reduction to the global hospitality and utility DSM industries. Their proprietary acquisition model enables the world’s first and only “guaranteed free” energy management solution for hotels. Conectric is also providing sticky customer user experiences to millions of hotel guests that develop strong brand affinity and loyalty, while collecting the world’s largest data set about forward thinking, high value consumers who will power the third industrial revolution of distributed clean energy and EV’s.


Conectric’s founders have been proud supporters of Cleantech San Diego and the local cleantech business cluster since its inception and are happy to contribute to the region’s growth as an international showcase of the clean economy generation.



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