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GRID Alternatives

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GRID Alternatives is a national nonprofit organization that makes renewable energy technology and job training accessible to low-income communities. They bring together community partners, volunteers, and job trainees to implement solar power and energy efficiency for low-income families — providing energy cost savings, valuable hands-on experience, and a source of clean, local energy that benefits us all. Over 7,000 families have benefited from GRID Alternatives’ work nationally, saving $193 million in lifetime electricity costs, and over 27,000 people have received solar training — these numbers are growing every week. Here in San Diego, more than 740 families have been served to-date, for a combined lifetime savings of over $19,300,000.


In addition to the work GRID Alternatives does every day bringing solar power and job training to underserved communities, they is actively partnering with federal, state, and local governments across the country to help develop policies and programs that will open the door to clean power and energy cost savings for the more than 22 million low-income American homeowners and six million affordable housing residents. The sun is for everyone!


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