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Hydro-Convergent Technologies Inc.

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Hydro-Convergent Technologies Inc.

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With over 100 years of combined experience, Hydro-Convergent Technologies Inc. (HCTI) is dedicated to helping clients create a comprehensive strategy for improving the management and sustainability of their facility’s water and energy consumption. With a rich history of strong industry leadership, the HCTI team is innovative, highly accredited, and driven to provide value. Their high performance, patented energy and water solutions are designed to optimize the nexus between energy and water while improving efficiencies and enhancing asset preservation in our client’s facilities.


The HCTI team is dedicated to providing industry best practices to its clients and partner organizations. They partner with universities in providing students with hands-on work experience through the collaborative Student-Industry Bridge Program (SIB). The SIB Program is designed to provide students with utility management in both energy and water while supporting the sustainability initiatives and goals of the University.


HCTI has partnered with Cleantech San Diego to provide its value added services in energy and water utility management. The partnership is beneficial in helping to enhance the local cleantech economy while enhancing the sustainability of the region’s ecology and improving the environment.


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