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Oberon Fuels challenges the status quo in the energy industry to enhance people’s lives and energize the world. To do that, they’re bringing dimethyl ether (DME) to the global market for the first time as a clean-burning alternative to diesel for the transportation industry using a proprietary skid-mounted, modular, small-scale process. The Oberon production units use various feedstocks—such as biogas (animal and food waste, wastewater treatment, landfills), natural gas, and stranded gas—and they produce 3,000–10,000 gallons of DME per day. The Oberon process cost-effectively converts methane to DME, resulting in stable pricing (not dependent on crude oil), at a price that is competitive with diesel. The modular design can be deployed to remote stranded-gas locations that can be difficult and expensive to harvest, and to industrial operations where our units can monetize waste CO2 streams.


Oberon’s solutions provide options for local regions and industry to monetize their waste streams and close the loop by using technology and chemistry to turn waste into fuel for vehicle fleets – reducing quantity of harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere in otherwise potentially disadvantaged communities.


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