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What if we could capture greenhouse gases before they entered the atmosphere and use them for something good?


T2 Energy’s partnerships with utilities and other carbon emitters are a key component of their market strategy. When they use carbon dioxide from power plants to grow algae they are essentially recycling carbon that would have gone straight into the air as greenhouse gases.


This approach is providing power producers with a way to reduce their CO2 burden while also producing valuable commodities with applications in dozens of markets.


T2 Energy’s process can capture and recycle the flue gas emissions stream from a host power plant. Their grow tank system can be constructed at or near a power plant where the emissions can be captured and diverted into the algae cultivation and harvesting system. Engineers monitor and adjust all of the variables to maintain an environment that is ideal for growing our non-genetically modified algae.


This process makes emissions reductions possible with one huge advantage that other approaches cannot claim: T2 Energy makes carbon utilization profitable.


The carbon dioxide that was destined to go up a smokestack is now transformed into oils, proteins, bioplastics, or fuels that have enormous market value.


Many of the products T2 Energy can make from algae are traditionally made from crude oil, so every bit of product that is sold represents carbon that is kept underground and the carbon emitted from power plants get recycled and re-used.


This potential is one of the most transformative aspects of the T2 Energy approach.


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