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Wiliot is a semiconductor company whose mission is to connect people with products using cloud-connected, sticker-sized Battery-free Bluetooth tags. They envision a world of smarter “Things” that can sell themselves and offer functionality not possible before. Apparel and pharmaceutical packaging become connected to the cloud. The Internet of Things can scale and offer real value as we better understand where products are, who is using them, and when they need to be replenished. Manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory can be more efficient with less waste. Makers of products and retailers can flourish in the face of disruption from online shopping. Anything we wear, touch, or use can include sensing and connectivity, thanks to battery-free devices with an infinite lifetime.


Wiliot strives to be a driving force of Cleantech San Diego’s mission of accelerating clean technology innovation. Wiliot’s battery-free sensor technology can play an instrumental part in driving smart city growth with benefits for the economy and environment. Wiliot will drive this growth at the same time as eliminating the need for batteries in sensors, resulting in less waste and more visibility. Also, Wiliot envisions a future where their technology can help in the recycling of products – easily knowing the items composition and how to dispose of it correctly.


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