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San Diego: Greetings from 2050

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Dear San Diegans of 2015,


Greetings from 2050. We are writing to you from 35 years in the future, urging you to continue on your path towards a sustainable region.


Keep saying yes. Yes to bold ideas. Yes to trying things first. Yes to integrating new technologies and better energy habits into your city and your lives.


Today, you are well aware of the fact that greenhouse gas emissions are too high and water supplies are too low. Strong statements from your governments and even religions are voicing concern about those facts and requiring action.


Technology and human ingenuity are amazing gifts. Use them now. You already have the information and tools you need to make smarter energy choices that matter to our future. Your streetlights are now remotely controlled data centers; your buildings alert you before things break; your electric vehicles start and stop charging with a touch of your smart phone. The San Diego of 2015 is embracing smart city projects, and it is well positioned to continue to do so much more. Our message to San Diego’s civic leaders is to stay focused on long-term plans, and to also be flexible and ready to say yes to powerful sustainability solutions already right in front of you.


San Diego is on the right track and ahead of many other metropolitan regions across the nation and the world with regard to sustainability and cleantech business. The key to keeping that momentum is to keep leaning in and taking chances on technologies that help you use resources in a smarter way. Follow the private sector’s lead and invite them in to deploy new tools that address the climate challenge.


There will be some trial and error; don’t be discouraged. Be proud of your courage to take a risk and know that you are headed in the right direction. We don’t have it all figured out in 2050. We face the same challenges of spreading our limited natural resources across a growing population, but we are better than we used to be at acknowledging the problem and embracing solutions. The strain on our planet is less and our economy is strong. This is the future we want you to sprint toward. Keep saying yes.


This blog was written as a submission to CityMinded’s Dear 2015: Group Blogging Event.


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