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Smart Cities a Focus of OSIsoft Users Conference

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Last week CleanTECH San Diego member OSIsoft hosted its 25th Annual Users Conference in San Francisco. More and more we read about the benefits and need to collect and use “big data.” In the CleanTECH San Diego world of managing large utility, infrastructure, and building systems to maximize efficiencies and significantly reduce energy use, collecting large amounts of data in usable form is the essential first step. And judging by the hundreds of conference participants, from government, businesses large and small, and academia from around the country, OSIsoft’s signature Pi software is an industry leader.

Of special interest to the CleanTECH San Diego community was a significant focus on the potential for smart cities. Even a few years ago, there was little if any reference to smart cities at this conference. This year an entire track focused on the potential to link data, analytic software, and building systems to dramatically reduce energy use in existing buildings. Carnegie Mellon University presented the results of its systems deployment at the PNC office building in Pittsburg, where they realized a 35% energy reduction just from maximizing data. Microsoft spoke at length about its focus on a cloud-based platform to collect and communicate real-time operational information.

CleanTECH San Diego Executive Chairman Jim Waring spoke about the interface of universities with community efforts to increase sustainability. While acknowledging the challenges of moving ideas and research off campus and into the community, the active participation of UC San Diego and San Diego State University with CleanTECH San Diego’s projects was presented as what can happen when there is a bridge to make and nurture the connection.

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