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Street Light Working Group Update

  |   Energy Efficiency, Intelligent Streetlights

The County of San Diego street light retrofit project is steadily moving forward.  The County has completed a request for bid and will procure the luminaires and adaptive controls, and then embark on an installation process to accommodate their pre-determined deployment goals, focusing first on higher wattage street lights for greatest energy and cost savings.


For the current funded Phase 1, the plan is to retrofit approximately 2,300 existing 250-watt cobra-head fixtures located primarily on major corridors. The County estimates it will save 1.34 million kWh/year from this conversion to 112-watt LED’s.


As additional funding becomes available, the County’s Phase 2 plan will be to retrofit the remaining 4,175 100-watt HPS fixtures to 45-watt LED’s, saving an additional 1 million kWh/year. It should be noted that the County of San Diego was not able to include a “piggyback clause” in their procurement contract because they are not a chartered city like San Diego. Currently the only active exterior lighting “piggyback” opportunity is through the City of San Diego’s contract.


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