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How to Generate Good Press

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The following blog was originally published in Top Rope Media’s Marketing Blog which provides marketing tips and strategies relevant to cleantech brands and businesses.


Generating Good Press: The Power of Public Relations (PR) for Your Company

In today’s fast-paced, yet environmentally-conscious world, building and maintaining a positive, earth-friendly image for your company is crucial. Did you know that with public relations (PR) tools, you can shape the public perception and brand identity of your company? Therefore, if you want to get featured in the New York Times Climate section, the Washington Post, Forbes, or Tech Crunch, this blog can help! How about a TV spot with a journalist reporting live from your lab at Scripps Oceanography or SDSU? Yes, we can teach you how to make it happen!


This blog is suitable for both B2B and B2C companies that are crafting solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems such as climate change, food shortages, waste disposal, and pollution. In addition, we’ve designed these DIY tips for companies that do not have the budget to hire a PR agency.

In this blog, we will teach you how to draft strategic communications and effectively tell your story to connect with your target audience, foster trust, and get in the press! You will also learn:

  • What public relations (PR) is
  • Some newsworthy ideas you can use
  • The art of crafting a press release
  • How to distribute your press release

So, if you’re here to boost your green tech or clean tech company, or simply your brand identity and online presence, let’s go!

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations, often referred to as PR, is the practice of managing and enhancing an organization’s reputation and relationships with its various stakeholders. These might include:

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Partners or Investors
  • Employees
  • General Public

PR professionals or PR agencies use strategic communication techniques to shape public perception, create a positive image, and ultimately drive business success. Before we dive too deep, did you know Top Rope Media provides budget-friendly public relations services for our clients? Click here to learn how we can help you with writing a release, distribution, and how to get sponsored posts or articles!

Telling Your Story: How Great Branding Builds a Compelling Case

We understand the challenges many startups face when launching new technologies, an earth-friendly product, or service. You need to have a viable offering, demonstrate what problem it is solving, develop social proof, and continue to seek out funding and investors…all on a bootstrapped budget! So besides the usual recommendations a startup is given, like defining your goals and objectives and knowing your audience, you need branding that visually tells your unique and moving story.


Therefore, if you are getting stuck on the branding side of things: naming, taglines, fonts, colors, what content to include on your website, or you need help building a simple website that better tells your brand story, start there. Here are a few blogs that can help:

Compliment Your Brand Messaging with a Public Relations (PR) Strategy

Your PR strategy should complement your branding. Once you have woven that feel-good story throughout your website you can then use public relations to help you further build a compelling case. Which newsworthy stories could you share about your clean tech or environmentally-friendly service or product? Here are a few examples:

  • Milestones in product development
  • Big funding announcements
  • Collaborations with other green tech companies
  • New investors or BoD members
  • How you are combating problems such as access to clean energy and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels

Public Relations Strategies

Now that you have an idea of what brand stories you can tell, line up ways in which you will push out those stories. These could be a combination of the following:

  • Press release writing and distribution (which we will review next!)
  • Sponsored posts or articles
  • Traditional media buys from TV, radio, newspapers, or magazines
  • New media- social, podcasts, blogs
  • Press conferences and events

Public Relations Example in Cleantech

As an example, we’ve been working with the team at VECKTA to help them better explain how their software is helping companies reduce energy costs, transition to renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and reach sustainability goals.  We demonstrate social proof on channels like Twitter (X) or LinkedIn, develop case studies, write blogs and white papers, and create and distribute VECKTA’s press releases.


VECKTA’s onsite energy marketplace and software platform helps clients reduce energy costs and reach their sustainability goals.


Press Release Creation + Distribution

Press releases are essential for communicating news and updates about your company to the media and the public. A well-crafted press release that showcases how you are providing solutions to tackle the world’s most challenging problems can generate media coverage and drive traffic to your website. Or an interested journalist to your lab!


In this section, we’ll walk you through how to write and distribute your press release to garner not only the attention of the public but also journalists and potential investors!

Writing a Press Release

Here are the key elements of an effective press release:

  1. Headline: Concise and attention-grabbing. Summarize the main news or announcement.
  2. Opening Paragraph: Provide the most important details, and answer the who, what, where, when, and why.
  3. Body: Expand on the key information. Provide context, quotes from your CEO or project leaders, and relevant stats.
  4. Boilerplate: Include a brief company description at the end of the press release.
  5. Contact Information: Include contact details for a media spokesperson or PR representative for follow-up inquiries.
  6. Release Date: Specify when the press release should be published or distributed.
  7. Multimedia: If applicable, include high-quality images, videos, or links to additional resources that enhance the story.

How to Share a Press Release

Sharing your press releases effectively is crucial to ensure they reach your intended audience. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use a PR Distribution Service: PR Newswire, BusinessWire, or eReleases to reach a broad audience of journalists and bloggers.
  2. Send Directly to Media Contacts: If you have established media contacts, send your press release directly to them via email with a personalized message.
  3. Post on Your Website: Publish the press release on your company’s website in a dedicated news section or blog.
  4. Share on Social Media: Promote the press release on your social media channels to reach your followers and encourage sharing.
  5. Email Newsletter: Include the press release in your email newsletter to inform your subscribers and encourage them to visit your website for more details.

At Top Rope Media, we have a membership with PRNewswire/Cision. Therefore, we are able to offer clients a budget-friendly way to distribute press releases to their specific niche and garner media attention. In addition, we can also help you place sponsored posts or featured articles in major publications.  Click here to learn more!


Well-designed press releases can help your company gain attention within your niche. Besides print or web articles, they can also encourage journalists to visit your event or lab to get an inside scoop!

Final Thoughts on Public Relations

PR encompasses various tactics to reach and engage your target audience. However, it should not be the only marketing tactic you use. Here are some additional marketing strategies to consider:

  1. Website Content Creation: Create high-quality content, such as blog posts, articles, and infographics.
  2. Social Media: Maintain an active presence on social media platforms to interact with your audience, share updates, and promote your brand.
  3. Partner Marketing: Collaborate with industry experts, partners, or BoD members to broaden your reach and gain credibility within your niche.
  4. Thought Leadership: Showcase your company’s leaders by participating in industry eventsspeaking engagements, and contributing articles to relevant publications.

Click here to learn more about how Top Rope Media can help you with your PR needs.  Or jump to one of our latest DIY marketing blogs:


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