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CleanSpark and Smart Wires Named Top 10 Winners in Global Cleantech Cluster Association Awards

  |   Cleantech San Diego Members

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) has named the Global Top 10 Winners for its 6th GCCA Later Stage Awards 2016.  The mid- to late-stage companies originate from the major cleantech industries, including solar, wind, and clean web to lighting, energy efficiency, mobility, urban agriculture, and water. The Top 10 Winners were sorted from nominees from the world’s leading GCCA cleantech clusters. Each nominee was then assessed by the KeyStone Compact™ business risk rating methodology. Two of the top 10 companies — CleanSpark and Smart Wires — are members of Cleantech San Diego. The Global Top 3 and the GCCA Grand Prize Winner will be announced in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 13, 2016.


“The 2016 Global Top 10 Winners demonstrate investment grade, strong product differentiation, scalable business models, and have market traction,” said Dr. Peter Adriaens, Head Judge of the GCCA Later Stage Awards and developer of the Keystone Compact™. “Narrowing down the nominations from more than 105 to 10 follows a detailed and robust data analytics process. The 2016 Global Top 10 are some of the world’s most sought after and up-and-coming equity-investable cleantech companies across our member clusters.”


The GCCA Later Stage Awards 2016 ceremony will be held on December 13 at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock in conjunction with the Global Solutions Summit (GSS) 2016. GSS 2016 will meet in collaboration with the Club de Madrid (CdM), an organization comprised of more than 100 former Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Heads of State who will be reconvening in the Club de Madrid – P80 Group “Reunion Proceedings,” and the 6th GCCA Awards Dinner. GSS 2016 builds on the widely-acclaimed inaugural Global Solutions Summit which first convened at the US State Department in April 2014. 


“Enabling large scale commercial deployment of proven sustainable technologies is a key focus of GCCA since 2010,” said Christian Haeuselmann, GCCA’s Co-Founder and Chairman. “The annual GCCA Later Stage Awards bring the best companies of our cluster partners to the forefront – we encourage you to engage with them and benefit from their unique services and business models.”


The 2016 Later Stage Award Global Top 10 Winners are:


  1. FluidSolids – Switzerland – Bioenergy/Biomaterials
  2. GreenSync – Australia – Energy Storage/Smart Grid
  3. Magrow – Ireland – Food/Urban Agriculture
  4. Enervalis – Flanders – Lighting/Energy Efficiency
  5. M-Field Energy – Taiwan – Energy Storage/Smart Grid
  6. CleanSpark – San Diego, California – Energy Sorage/Smart Grid
  7. SmartWires – San Diego, California – Energy Storage/Smart Grid
  8. Wirepas – Finland – CleanWeb/Sustainable IT
  9. WaterTectonics – Seattle, Washington – Water
  10. Azuri Technologies – Cambridge, UK – Solar/Wind


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