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UC San Diego Partners with Xendee for Testing and Evaluation of Microgrid Controller

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Cleantech San Diego member and Southern California Energy Innovation Network graduate Xendee Corporation, a leading distributed energy resources and microgrid EV infrastructure design and operation software provider, has entered into an agreement with UC San Diego’s Center for Energy Research to conduct testing and evaluation of its enhanced Xendee Operate control platform at one of UCSD’s test facilities. The project, funded by a CalTestBed Voucher, aims to integrate, validate, and evaluate new AI-enabled forecasting and control algorithms, as well as communication networks, of Xendee Operate.


Xendee Operate is a cloud-based software solution that enables the efficient deployment of microgrids, following the IEEE 2030.7 standard. By connecting to distributed energy resources (DERs) through standard communication protocols, Xendee Operate optimizes DER scheduling based on local and real-time information. The controller platform will be tested at UC San Diego, allowing for the evaluation of its performance and effectiveness upgrades.


The Xendee Operate Cloud, housing the main Xendee Operate Engine, utilizes real-time measurements and weather data to generate load and renewable energy source forecasts. These forecasts, together with tariff information and site constraints, are used to generate optimal setpoints for DER technologies. It involves a series of steps, including data acquisition, validation of forecasting algorithms, integration of communication and technology, and open and closed-loop testing of DER and microgrid technologies.


Jan Kleissl, the Principal Investigator for the project stated, “This collaboration with Xendee represents an exciting opportunity to advance the field of microgrid control. We look forward to testing and evaluating the new capabilities of Xendee Operate at our test facility. We are confident that this partnership will contribute to the development of more efficient and sustainable energy systems.”


The testing at UC San Diego’s Zero Net Energy Warehouse will cover various scenarios, including demand charge management, green charging, load shedding, dynamic market participation, and economic and environmental optimization. Additionally, the robustness of Xendee Operate to different communication protocols will be assessed.


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