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US Ignite Selects Cleantech San Diego and CyberTECH as Key Innovation Partners for San Diego’s Smart Gigabit Community Program

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On September 6, US Ignite announced the selection of Cleantech San Diego and CyberTECH as the key innovation partners for the City of San Diego as a Smart Gigabit Community. US Ignite’s Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) program enhances local community innovation ecosystems by enabling communities to accelerate the development and deployment of next-generation, gigabit applications and services that run on advanced networks.


The City of San Diego will be a strategic partner for this initiative, and the City aims to create the largest city-based deployment of an Internet-of-things platform in the world. Currently, the City is upgrading traffic lights to LED and integrating the traffic light system into a connected digital network.  Recently, the City of San Diego also announced that San Diego will become a “2030 District,”  a high-performance building community that aims to dramatically reduce the environmental impacts of building operations and construction. The goal is to have a 50% reduction in energy, water, and transportation emissions in participating buildings by 2030. 


San Diego’s booming innovation economy is leading the way on everything from drones to genomes. Now we’re using that same spirit of ingenuity to improve the lives of San Diegans across the city,” Mayor Faulconer said. “Through this new partnership, local innovators will be able to create smartphone applications and other technologies that will help improve the quality of life for our residents and make our neighborhoods safer.”


Cleantech San Diego and CyberTECH will empower the San Diego community and provide the needed support and infrastructure to develop six smart gigabit applications that address local needs such as infrastructure, workforce development, public safety, education and community health. These applications will dramatically impact and shape the way that residents of San Diego live and work. In addition, the City of San Diego will be able to share in the dozens of smart gigabit applications developed in the 20 other cities participating in the Smart Gigabit Community program nationwide.


Cox Communications helped bring the Smart Gigabit Communities program to San Diego through a $300,000 grant to US Ignite over three years.


“Solving a community’s most urgent needs requires collaboration from local government, community leaders and corporate partners,” said Sam Attisha, Senior Vice President and Region Manager for Cox Communications in California. “Cleantech San Diego and CyberTECH will help advance innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in San Diego. As a leading telecommunications provider in the region, and one that has been delivering multi-gigabit speeds in San Diego for more than a decade, Cox Communications can provide our leadership, insight and expertise of a gigabit infrastructure to this collaboration.”


“We are thrilled to have San Diego join our roster of SGCs,” said William Wallace, Executive Director of US Ignite. “We are enthusiastic about the exciting milestones to come in San Diego and look forward to Cleantech San Diego and CyberTECH’s leadership to enrich the lives of San Diegans.”


“Cleantech San Diego is honored be selected as one of the innovation partners for the City of San Diego’s Smart Gigabit Community Initiative,” said Jason Anderson, President and CEO of Cleantech San Diego. “We are proud to partner with US Ignite, Cox, and CyberTECH to enhance the City of San Diego‘s gigabit innovation ecosystem and look forward to working with other cities in the SGC network to advance global smart city goals. Cleantech San Diego’s experience leading public-private-academic initiatives across the region paired with CyberTECH’s technical expertise make us the perfect team to lead this exciting initiative.”


“CyberTECH San Diego is pleased to have been selected as an innovation partner for the Smart Gigabit Community Initiative,” said Darin Andersen, CyberTECH Founder and CEO. “As a national Smart City leader with a next generation tech incubator supporting our vibrant startup ecosystem, we have a unique perspective on emerging technologies and are well aware of the challenges ahead. We are grateful for the ongoing leadership of the sponsoring organizations – US Ignite, Cox Communications, and the City of San Diego – and share their commitment to bringing the technologies of the future to our city and its citizens.”

Cox Communications has invested more than $1 billion in the region to help connect San Diego residents and businesses to the latest telecommunications advancements available. Cox Communications remains committed to deploying gigabit speeds to additional neighborhoods. Cox Communications also continues to bring low cost internet access to students on the national free a reduced school lunch program or who live in HUD communities through the company’s Connect2Compete initiative, as well as Cox Technology Centers at Boys & Girls Clubs that provide free access to computers and the Internet.

US Ignite has organized local communities and assisted in building more than 100 next-generation application profiles over the past three years. Each participating community receives access to a low-latency and ultra-fast network with local cloud computing and storage capabilities that will support highly interactive and visually immersive experiences not possible on today’s commercial Internet.

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